I want to buy this but... HELP?

Hello, I'm thinking to buy these shirts, I love punk-lolita style and the shirt design but a friend of mine told me not to trust anything made from polyester online.


the page here did said it's made from Polyester Others but I absolutely love the shirts... but I'm afraid the quality isn't as good as in the picture. What do you guys think? Please help give me your opinion, I'm really confused right now @A@

Thank you!! 

DS: Angelic Pretty Fruits Parlor Replica

- My EGL feedback
Other Feedback
- Payment through Paypal, please.
- I ship from USA.
- I live in a non-smoking building. I have no pets, and no one in my building has pets.

SELLING: Bodyline Angelic Pretty Fruits Parlor Replica
Condition: Excellent, no flaws
Comes with: OP and Headbow
Price: $75

This print is adorable and has sparkles on it!

Proof photo:

Let me know if you have any questions! Feel free to ask for additional photos.

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Bodyline shoe sizing

Hi everyone! I've been looking at some pink shoes at Bodyline, but I'm not sure whether they'll fit to big or to small, and was hoping you guys could help.

I'm looking at these shoes (Bodyline 193)


I measured my feet and they measure to 27 cm. I've been told by people to get a size bigger and then also I have been told to get a smaller size. This is frustrating ;-;
What size do you guys suggest ordering?

Thank you in advance! <3

Bodyline rhs shoe sizing - Please help!

I really want to get Bodyline's rocking horse shoes, but I'm a size 270 by Bodyline's sizing and a lot of people are saying that they run small. I read quite a few reviews but I'm still unsure.

Could anyone give me any advice? And also if you own rhs in size 270 could you give me the length and with measurement so I can compare to my foot size?


Plus size friendly bodyline?!!

Ok so is is possible or is there any jsks ops that can fit 120 bust ? And 117 waist? There has got to be some plus sized lolitas that have made it work or altered or something if anyone has any tips let me know ive been looking at squirrel party op heard it runs big roomy with lots of shirring also balloon bear op and soft cream love jewlery and l329 cinderella bunny in 6l ? Chocoberry 2l? Would any of these fit?! Or can be easily altered if any lolita can make my bodyline dresses larger or alter them i will pay this should be a new thing we can wear what we want i wont be limited we should be able to wear whatever brand or print we want lets make this happen theres absolutly no info online for plus size lolitas where they get their stuff theres gotta be a way besides only wearing custom size replicas which are awesome but can be pricey and looked down upon in the lolita community theres no plus size youtuber i know petite tomoyo is a very cute lolita i wish she made videos :) anyways please comment


Not selling anymore on BL's website. Brand new w/o tag. Flawless.
VERY nice piece, splendid workmanship, but I'm into longer JSKs now.
Shipping is $19 for US/EU buyers. Tracking number included.

Bust: 84-94 cm
Waist: 68-78cm
Length: 90.5cm


Please PM me if interested.
Feel free to ask any questions regarding the above items.
Thanks very much for your interest! =D

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Lolita Garment Care

Originally posted by jeinnoir at Lolita Garment Care


Please consider completing this poll regarding garment care (link below.) I would guess that I'm not the only one who wonders what sort of treatments items have undergone when purchasing Lolita second-hand. This issue is especially important to me since I have multiple intolerances (allergies) and have been diagnosed with a Mast Cell Disorder, so perfumes and various chemicals on clothing can make me quite ill. I hope that if enough people answer this poll it will prove useful to the Lolita community when shopping while helping me understand what to expect from potential purchases.

Thank you,