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for everything Bodyline related

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bodyline, lolita
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This community is for anything BodyLine related! Reviews, questions, product updates, new videos (OMG YES!), you name it. If it's BodyLine, it belongs here. I created this community in an effort to have an organized place to look for for reviews, since BodyLine's quality and sizing can be iffy from item to item. And all other brands have communities, we don't want BodyLine to feel left out! We <3 their lolworthy creations, too!

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*be polite, rescpectfull, ect., I shouldn't have to say this.
*only WANT TO BUY posts are permitted! If I allowed all sales, then this community would be crowded with only sales posts! As for rules, if you wouldn't do it in egl_comm_sales, don't do it here.
*just...use common sense!


For more on rules and about, please check out the first entry here!
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